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Learn how to travel to Japan in 4 weeks or less while skillfully avoiding the common pitfalls of tourists. Do you want a trip of a lifetime?

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There's no one I would go to for advice on traveling in Japan besides Javon from OneGreenBicycle. She knows how to make the best use of travel time in the country to see the most and experience the most. Her tools and helpful tips never led me astray and were I to go back (and I certainly hope to), her resources and tools would come with me too. Her knowledge not only of the different parts of Tokyo and the surrounding area but of the culture and language as well was so helpful, and I would recommend her resources to anyone who wanted to travel to Japan.

These resources and guidance made our trip to Japan so much easier. I don't want to think about how it could've been if I hadn't had any help beforehand.

This is the most complete, step-by-step program to travel to Japan in 4 weeks or less while skillfully avoiding the common mistakes of most tourists.

We get it. You have the chance to go to Japan. But you don't have the time to comb through all of the forums, discussion groups, and travel blogs. You need organized steps with actionable tactics for the travel and the culture. And you don't have all the time in the world. Your time is valuable and we'd like to keep it that way.

Maybe you're working on a time crunch because your trip to Japan was unexpected. Or maybe you have had your flights booked for months in advance. Either way, I doubt you have multiple hours every day to spend searching reviews on the internet. If you do, that's awesome! Use that time well doing whatever you choose and leave all that trip preparation and coordination to us.

But first, let me tell you about how this course is going to help you and why we're so excited about it...

You have options. You CAN have perfectly working wi-fi while walking around the Golden Pavilion. And you DESERVE to be able to text your daughter a picture when you go squid fishing for the first time. Some say getting lost in Tokyo is a right of passage. But remember what I said? Your time is valuable.

If you have the option to spend your time doing what you want. Let other unprepared tourists be confused at that random bus stop. You'll know exactly how to get to where you want to go. And if you are feeling compassionate, you can help them out.

Okay, this course sounds pretty useful! So what exactly will we be covering in the course every week?

This course is a four module online course that will walk you through every step of preparation for your trip to Japan focusing on travel strategies, culture, and tourist trap prevention tactics. We are starting at the beginning and educating you to feel and act like a native during your trip. You will receive concise tutorials on customs. You will start with a background of Japan and the Japanese culture. We'll keep it simple and helpful for your trip. Then we'll go into traveling and how you can unravel the labyrinth of the Japanese transportation system...with ease and clarity. We'll connect you to the lesser known spots the locals only know about. All of this to make your trip to Japan unforgettable. There will also be a group community forum aspect to the course, meaning that you'll be getting amazing help along the way.

Here's a breakdown of each module...

  • Week 1 Module: Come up with your dream trip to Japan
    • You'll use our 'Sample Itineraries for Japan' printable worksheet and discovery process to clearly coordinate what needs to happen to make your trip a success.
    • Learn where to look for inspiration on where to go and what to experience.
    • Get exclusive access to 'Your Packing List for Japan' printable worksheet that can be edited however you like.
    • At the end of this first module, you'll have your preliminary itinerary for your trip to Japan. Don't worry we'll be tweaking it as we go!
  • Week 2 Module: Learning Japanese Culture from Scratch for the Short Term Traveler
    • You'll learn cultural pillars and how to quickly identify them. You'll be given specific processes to be able to participate in cultural aspects that you find most interesting.
    • Get exclusive access to our 'Japanese Culture' partnering artisans currently practicing their craft in Japan.
    • At the end of this week, you'll have learned about Japanese cultural aspects along with tweaking your itinerary adding in classes, workshops, tours, or specific routes for what sounded the most interesting to you.
  • Week 3 Module: Learn Where You'll be Going and How to Get There
    • Using your custom itinerary, set goals for each day how much walking, biking, and touring to expect. Then route your itinerary for a day by day plan with map displays and specific directions.
    • Learn the best resources for traveling in Japan along with actionable tutorials.
    • At the end of this week, you'll have a handle on transportation in Japan worthy of native status. You'll also have custom daily guides built for your very own trip.
  • Week 4 Module: Immerse into Japan and the Japanese People
    • Practice valuable communication tactics for traveling in Japan.
    • Understand what is and is not considered appropriate in Japan. Then go through each day of your itinerary to highlight specific details to remember.
    • Learn and have the opportunity to practice basic Japanese phrases with step by step tutorials. This isn't a language course but these phrases along with complimentary language education with help you and your Japanese friends feel comfortable.
    • At the end of this week, you'll have a step by step custom built itinerary to Japan for your trip of a lifetime! You'll also feel equipped to understand and immerse yourself into the Japanese culture with confidence. And you'll have actionable cheatsheets and online resources to help you navigate Japan, speak Japanese, and locate the perfect spots to spend your precious days in utter bliss.


When you travel to Japan...

You will make lasting memories that are perfect for you. Not into adventure? Not into sitting around? Your trip = Your chosen moments

When you travel to Japan...

You will experience life in Japan and life alongside the Japanese people.

When you travel to Japan...

Your relationships built during your travels will be built on understanding and respect.

When you travel to Japan...

You will have such a blast that you'll definitely want to go back again! (At least that's our hope)

How do I know?

Because people have been traveling to Japan splendidly already using these resources. And these same people confidently have returned and expressed how invaluable this preparation was for their precious time spent in Japan. Now I want to help you.

I will be assuming you haven't been to Japan before.

Never planned a trip like this before?

I'll walk you through finding your inspiration and specific guidance for your daily itinerary.

Not a technical wizard?

With this course, we will walk you through every detail. And there will always be opportunities for asking questions.

Not sure if you can finish in 4 weeks?

You can go at your own pace, as fast or slow as your time allows. No pressure.

But what if your dream trip to Japan has some unique or quirky ideas?

That's what the forum and instructor guidance is all about. We'll start from your inspiration and mesh your dream into an actionable reality for your time and budget. Let's see if we can make them happen.


What makes Japan Travel Genius the #1 class to show you how to travel to Japan?

Our process actually works. I have an unfair advantage because of 15 years of experiencing and helping others with their trips. During their trips, I had access to pros and cons that no one else on the planet had access to.

How Japan Travel Genius works

The entire training program is online and is delivered over a 30-day period. The modules will be available to you immediately when you sign up. And you can work through them in four weeks, one week per module. Or you can take your time.

1 - Work at your own pace over the course of 30 days. Binge on all 10+ hours like a Japan Travel fiend. Or you can watch short bits at a time.

2 - Mobile and Tablet Ready - The knowledge can be viewed on any device, and you can download it and watch it on the go.

3 - Revisit and review as much as you like. This course is your course. You get access for life.

Recent Results

Masayuki Iwasa
Airbnb Host in Japan

I like the way you write so much about facts-based real-life experiences of how Japan is really like. This course information is very informative and is made so easy for learners to get started. I also liked the cultural aspect that you introduced.

Our trip didn't go as we had planned because of health complications. However, these resources and her guidance helped us know exactly what to do, where to go, and who to ask.

Lori Steffen

How This Came About

I have an unfair advantage. And I noticed that in my 15 years experience, all of the most successful travelers we're following the same process.

I decided to create an entire program around this process; always start with your dream and then make it reality. I also get to go to Japan about every year connecting communities with a thriving VBS program, so there's that too.

I've spent the last several months and countless hours pouring over a massive amount of resources building this class. In fact, I even had a sample course, called the Japan30, back in January of 2017 to make sure the details worked before launching this course.

And I’ve been helping people travel to Japan for years.

Is Japan Travel Genius right for you?

Over the years, I listened to many adventurous travelers and traveling businessmen who struggle with their first trip to Japan, and we created this course to handle those struggles.

We’re confident it can help if you’ve ever said anything like:

- "I know how to plan a trip, especially internationally"

- "I'm not decisive when it comes to planning"

- "I don't know how to speak any Japanese and would look ridiculous if I tried"

- "I need help knowing what's normal in Japan"

- "I know I can figure it all out myself, but I just need someone to show me exactly what to do."

Frequently Asked Questions

+ When does this course start? And do I have to show up live?

The four modules of this course become available as soon as you join. You can go completely at your own pace each week. Every week, you can move through each module. Or you can speed up or slow down however you like. And every week, there will be discussion in our community Facebook group.

+ How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

+ What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

+ Is there a 100% money back guarantee?

Absolutely - and it's 30 days. Go through the entire course. Use everything. Go out and get results. If for some reason you don't love the program, just shoot an email to support@teachable.com and we'll get you a full refund. No questions asked. We're easy :)

+ How will I know if this course is right for ME?

Great question. This course will be perfect for you if you're planning on going to Japan sooner or later. Most of our successful students are just regular people with busy schedules.

+ Is this course applicable for people that have already been to Japan?

Absolutely. In fact, if you've already been to Japan then you probably have awesome insight of what went well and maybe what didn't. Using what we teach in Japan Travel Genius you can perfect your trip to make exactly right for you. Even experienced travelers can benefit from this course with its consolidated travel resources that are constantly being updated. There are always more places to go in Japan and more new activities to try.

+ Is there any specialized equipment or software that I need?

Japan Travel Genius has come pre-packaged with all the tools you need to travel to Japan - all you need to prepare with this course will be an internet connection and computer. If you desire more value applications while traveling, we'll show you exactly how to get started using your iPhone, all the way through the specific pieces you need to step up your game as you travel.

Organized trip preparation is the #1 way to transform the trip of your lifetime into a reality

You may have noticed that all of the top travel bloggers, influencers, freelancers, creatives, coaches, trainers and online business owners are starting to spend their time and resources traveling internationally or connecting with leaders around the globe.

That's because it's fun and a great way to connect with other perspectives through business or friendship.

You can have some awesome moments traveling to Japan. And I want to get you there excited and prepared.

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Hi, I'm Javon. I've been traveling to Japan for over 15 years now, doing everything from biking the Shimanami Kaido, to making it to the tuna auction in Tsukiji 4 times, to being moneyless in Hiroshima, to exploring the insides of a Japanese hospital in not-so-great detail. I've been all over the city and the country trying new things wherever I am. These experiences have given me confidence to share hard-fought resources that I've often learned the hard way. I love Japan and I love the Japanese people. So I want to use the fun experiences, fearful times, unnerving bits, zen moments, just all of it. I have led several trips to Japan with groups from age 18-65. And friends often use me for travel advice because I've been to many countries and make intentional efforts to experience culture deeply wherever I am. I've been blogging and journeying since 2012 but have never found a more efficient, and fun method for sharing my experiences in Japan. I've written countless articles about Japan and what they can teach us about simple living. A researcher by nature, I truly love making travel and connections to Japan better for people.

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